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MWB was first certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard on 19.06.2002. Since then, we have been re-audimechanische-werkstaetten-blochwitz-qualitaetsmanagementted by TÜV Hessen at the specified intervals. This means that all our processes and procedures are continuously monitored and re-estimated in order to achieve constant improvement.

Above all, this helps guarantee high-quality processing of CNC milled and turned parts for our customers.

We also perform our own process audits.

Setting high demands for the quality of the parts we produce requires thorough quality management. During production, the parts are measured and checked against the drawings, with a separate final check carried out by our QA division afterwards.

MWB uses the following measurement devices:

  • 3D coordinate measuring machine (Zeiss Vista 1620-14), computer controlled and programmable for series measurement, measurement precision +- 0.003
  • Digital measuring projector IM-6125 Measuring head: 200mm-bildfeld model (Keyence)
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine (Etalon Derby), manually controlled, measurement precision +- 0.003
  • Concentricity gauge Mitutyo (Roundtest RA-1600), computer controlled and programmable for series measurement
  • 2D profile projector (Vision Engineering), coupled with Quadror Check 200
  • Z-Mike laser micrometer for measuring the diameter of turned parts
  • Pocket Leptoskop coating thickness gauge (Karl Deutsch)

TÜV Certification