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Cable manufacturing

MWB has been producing customised cable assemblies since 1998. Our experienced and motivated experts, together with excellent technology, can help you achieve the perfect solution – both technically and commercially. For over 18 years, we have produced small, medium and large series at the highest levels of quality.

Our service portfolio in this area covers the following processes:

Production of relay cable profiles

  • Cable profiles on nail hole boards
  • Lacing and bandaging of wax threads and insulation tapes
  • Insulation and cutting to custom dimensions

Production of large cable profiles

  • Wire drawing into insulation sheath
  • Stripping of various machines (e.g. AM-20/AM-40)
  • Clamping using machinery and tools

Production of transmission and reception cables in railway engineering

  • Suspension with coil unwinder (SAR 800-1250 Ulmer)
  • Cut sections with universal cutting machine (SM15 2PLC Ulmer)
  • Stripping with stripping machine AM – Allround 4000
  • Bandaging and twisting with Aston Lead Twist

 Production of cable harnesses for fluorescent lights