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Die CMX 70 U löst unsere alten Fräsmaschinen ab

07. September 2017

We have received a new machine! The CMX 70 U milling machine with automation from DMG MORI now joins the range of our milling machines. In addition to a high degree of flexibility and considerably simplified operation, the CMX 70 U also offers other, significant improvements, in contrast to our old milling machines, which now have been switched off.

The milling machine is capable of processing workpieces of up to 350 kg. It can also process these pieces from five different angles. In the standard version, the device comes with an extremely powerful spindle, which can reach a remarkable 12,000 revolutions per minute. With over 30 freely placed tools, the CMX 70 U milling machine is an absolute all-rounder. The advantage for our customers is obvious! Thanks to this new machine, we can mill even more complex pieces in a shorter time, so that the waiting time for your workpieces is drastically shortened. Contact us and find out how you can benefit from our new machine!


The new digital measurement projector IM-6125

March 21st 2017mechanische-werkstaetten-blochwitz-qualitaetsmanagement

Since December 2016 the digital measuring projector IM-6125 made by Keyence has been in use at our facilities. This device allows us to measure your workpieces even faster and more accurately. As a result we are able to manufacture your workpieces in a shorter time, but in the usual high quality.

With the IM-6125 we are even ablte to measure several workpieces at a time to the correct dimensions. The new IM-6125 measuring projector check up to 99 variables reliably and quickly, regardless, weather the parts are milled, pressed, molded or turned. As a result, the time used for quality measurement can be drasticly reduced, which benefits our costumers with a faster delivery.